The AALT Technician is the official journal of the Alberta Association of Library Technicians.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Welcome to the new AALT Technician

Welcome to the newly launched The AALT Technician, the official journal of the Alberta Association of Library Technicians.

Why the change? Though The AALT Technician has striven to support our community, as a quarterly newsletter it has faced several challenges over the last few years:
  1. Quarterly publication no longer meshes well with other AALT activities, like promoting conference or other events.
  2. Soliciting content and laying out a full issue demanded a lot of time from our editors.
  3. Declining contributions made it difficult to get a full issue's worth of content together.
  4. It was impossible to establish the real reach and impact of the journal, making it difficult to assess whether it was serving our community.
  5. The static format didn't provide an opportunity for dialogue among library technicians.
To confront these challenges, the Board decided over the summer to relaunch The AALT Technician as an interactive community-oriented online publishing platform, or blog. And here you see the fruits of our labours.

Our goal with this new platform is to publish news and information of interest to library technicians on a regular basis. This may include:
  • Board reports
  • Notices of upcoming activities for AALT members
  • Sharing news about the library world
  • Presenting articles on best practices
And, with your help, The AALT Technician will offer a lot more. This is your space, too.
  • Were you on vacation and visited a cool library? 
  • Are you trying new furniture arrangements in your children's section? 
  • Have you read a great book? 
The AALT community is waiting to hear you tell these stories and other like them. Just email with your ideas and submissions.

Also, be sure to comment on posts that interest you. Get a conversation going.

Finally, I encourage you to subscribe using the RSS or email options on the right to stay up to date with The AALT Technician.

Sarah Stephens
President, The Alberta Association of Library Technicians


  1. Love the new AALT Technician format especially the ability for us to collaborate. Great job!

  2. Thanks. Let us know if you have any suggestions for articles or improvements.

  3. What a great change. I'm excited to see how this format is received by AALT Members. Thanks to the AALT Board for continually seeking to experiment with new strategies and to grow in new directions.


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