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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Conference 2016 Website Launched

Just a quick update to let you know the AALT Conference 2016 website is now live.

Currently, we have posted information on:
Other information will be added as it becomes available.

If you would like to contribute to the conference, there are still openings for:
Speakers and volunteers may be entitled to an honorarium or discounted conference registration. If you have questions or would like to contribute contact us at

Thank you,
Janis Rapchuk and Pablo Zanetta
AALT 2016 Conference co-Chairs.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Future of Libraries on Slate

Slate has an interesting article on the future of libraries. Author Jim O'Donnell lays out a fair assessment of our challenges, but I think he really hits the continuing need for libraries with this quote:
But we do need libraries. In a world of superabundant information, they curate and collect and discriminate and care for the good stuff—the stuff really smart people have worked to create and preserve, the stuff you can rely on when you want to understand the world deeply and accurately, the stuff too complicated to come into existence by crowdsourcing, too unpopular to be foisted on us by corporations or politicians.
Read the full article "What Will Libraries be Like in 2100" on Slate.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Life of a SAIT LIT Student

For some of you, it has been a while since you were in the Library Information Technology (LIT) program, so allow me to walk you down memory lane with a few quick snapshots from the life of an LIT student.
  1. I am in cataloguing class and just received some very good news. I will not have to carry my RDA to class; thereby, my shoulder will recover and my nightmare will not come true (the one where the binder pops open and the entire RDA comes flying out).
  2. MARC is no longer just the name of an old boyfriend, but also an encoding standard for bibliographic records.
  3. I now know what anticline means.
  4. I got to create a brand new web page and I know more of computer troubleshooting than just restarting the computer and keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. During each class, I learn to appreciate the complexity of the library and I realize the necessity of library technicians. 
On thing that has really changed, ironically, is the lack of books in the LIT program, which my bank account appreciates and is indicative of how quickly this field is changing.

Often, I have people ask what can you be studying for two years? How hard is it to organize some books and show people how to find something on the Internet? I enjoy explaining to these people that library work is so much more than that. Promoting and educating people on the benefits of the library and proper information management is, in my opinion, one of the great aspects of being an LIT student.

By Monica Schuh
2nd year SAIT LIT student and SAIT Student Representative to the AALT Board