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Sunday, 15 May 2016

AALT 2016 Banquet

Congratulations to the Conference Committee on a great banquet. I was having such a good time that I neglected to take pictures. So, here's a photo I lifted from Sarah's Facebook page.

Friends and colleagues (and Sarah's daughter) at the AALT Banquet (courtesy Sarah Stephens).


Three awards were presented last night by outgoing President Sarah Stephens. As Sarah noted, AALT doesn't give every award every year. So, when a recipient is selected it marks a significant contribution to libraries and library techncians.

I had the honor of introducing Mo Keshavjee, recipient of the Advocacy Award. Mo, in his role as marketing and communications coordinator for SAIT's School of Information and Communications Technology, was recognized for his his work promoting the SAIT Library Information Technology program to employers, library workers and learners across Alberta.

Author and library technician Judith Graves will receive the Merle Harris Achievement Award for her work as a school librarian in Cold Lake, Alberta and contributions to the library technician community. Judith couldn't join us, but incoming President Karen Hildebrandt said a few words of thanks on her behalf.

Finally, Sarah and Karen presented the Dewey Award to Journal Editor Kristian McInnis for his contributions to the AALT Board during the 2015-16 year.*

Kristian accepting the - tiny - Dewey Award (courtesy Karen Hildebrandt).
Mo (centre) accepts the Advocacy Award (courtesy Karen Hildebrandt).


We closed evening with a performance by the Chinook Country Line Dancers. The dancers kicked up their heels through many energetic routines and did a fantastic job coaching delegates through several dances.

Our dance coach (on the stage) leads delegates through some steps (courtesy Marcia Holmes).

Delegates line dance mostly on the beat (courtesy Marcia Holmes).

*I had a little debate with myself about whether to discuss my award in the first or third person. Either way, it feels awkward.

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  1. Congratulations to Mo, Judith (Tracy) and Kristian on their well deserved recognition! Sounds and looks like a good time was had by all! Kudos to the Conference Committee for hosting a great conference! :)


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