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Friday, 20 May 2016

AALT 2016 Conference Presentations

Below find links to presentations offered at AALT 2016.

Friday Keynote by Stephen Abrams (via Steven's Lighthouse)

1D - Blurred Lines: Redefining Technical Services

2B - Supporting our Colleagues with Disabilities

3A - It's all in the Delivery: Providing Customer Service to Persons with Disabilities

3B - Take the "Ugh" of Monday

4A - Service Excellence: Serving our LGBTQ Community

5C - Strengthening Team Dynamics by Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

6B - By the Numbers: Using Statistics and Data to Simplify Weeding

6C - Student Lightning Talks: Camtasia

6C - Student Lightning Talks: Marketing Hans Christian Andersen

Note: some presentation elements may not display properly in the online viewer. Downloading the presentation and viewing it in PowerPoint usually resolves these issues.

If you were a presenter and would like add your presentation to this list - or you would like to report an issue - contact

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