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Saturday, 14 May 2016

AALT 2016 Day 2 Summary


More fantastic sessions filled the second day of AALT 2016.

Deb Cryderman offered a really engaging session on diversifying library collections. Jim Gray had is delegates talking about challenged books and how to manage those challenges in consistent, professional and respectful way. SAIT instructor Matt Adolphe discussed strengthening workplace teams through embracing diversity. Meanwhile, Conference co-Chair Pablo Zannetta led a dozen delegates to the C-train for quick run up to the University of Calgary and the Taylor Family Digital Library.

Three SAIT library technology students presented in our Student Lightning Talks this year. First, Jessica Machacek discussed using Camtasia to support training staff and patrons. Then Kira Maros and Anna Friesen shared their project marketing and delivering a program for children at Calgary Public Library.

And, again, there was a lot more that I didn't get to see or hear about from other delegates. Thank you to everyone who contributed the professional development of library technicians by stepping up to present at the AALT Conference.
Kira (left) and Anna present their marketing project.
Small group discussion in the Challenged Books session.
Jessica shows a Camtasia tutorial on using Discovery Search.

AALT 2016 Annual General Meeting

The AGM this year saw a substantive change to the organization of AALT's Board of Directors supported by the AALT members present at the meeting. 

Several Board positions were merged to support changing business needs within AALT. So, Marketing and Journal positions have been merged into a single Communications Director role. Similarly, Secretary and Treasurer are now the Administrative Services Director and Webteam and Membership become Online Services Director. 

As a consequence of these changes several revisions to the by-laws were supported by members and a separate motion reduced the quorum needed for Board meetings from 6 to 4 to reflect the reduction in Board positions.

Later, after calling for nominations from the floor, the slate of Directors was announced. For the 2016-2017 year, the Board of Directors is:
  • President: Karen Hildebrandt - Concordia University
  • President-Elect: Theresa Remtulla - Mount Royal University
  • Administrative Services Director: Lynda Shurko - Alberta Legislature Library
  • Communications Services Director: Amy Southgate - University of Alberta
  • Online Services Director: Christy Nicols - Banff Centre Library
Member-at-Large, along with Student Representatives from SAIT and MacEwan, were unfilled at the time of this writing and will be appointed at a later date.

During the AGM outgoing President Sarah Stephens thanked the former Board for their work and welcomed the new Board. Finally, she passed the gavel to incoming President Karen Hildebrandt who adjourned the meeting.

Delegates listen as motions are presents at the AALT AGM.
Sarah calls the AGM to order.
Incoming AALT President Karen Hildebrandt takes up the gavel.

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  1. Excellent changes to the Board structure! Definitely a great way to keep up with the changing times. Congratulations to Sarah and her outgoing Board for being so innovative! As to the conference, it looks like Saturday was filled with awesome sessions as well. Congratulations to the Conference Committee for hosting an excellent conference! Safe travels home on Sunday everyone! :)


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