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Sunday, 15 May 2016

AATL 2016 Wrap Up

AALT 2016 came to a light-hearted conclusion with a presentation and reading by author/library technician Glenda Goertzen. She touched on the confluences between writing and library work, including cataloguing her own book. Glenda closed her talk by treating delegates to a reading from her upcoming book.

My compliments to conference co-Chairs Janis Rapchuk, Pablo Zanetta and Danica Dixon for bringing together a great conference. My thanks also to the Conference Committee (Chris Savage, Melanie Belliveau, Brenda Gee, Kathleen Johnston) and all the SAIT Library Information Technology students and faculty who volunteered to help out before and during the conference.

Over the course of the conference I heard several positive comments from delegates regarding the quality of sessions and keynotes. Also, many delegates appreciated being at SAIT during its centennial year and being in Heritage Hall, in particular.

Finally, if you attended AALT 2016, please be sure to complete the Conference Survey. As a past conference chair (twice), I can assure you that feedback to the survey really does guide planning for the next conference.

AALT 2016 Delegate's Survey

Glenda speaking at the AALT 2016 Sunday Brunch. 
Last of the door prizes being given away.

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