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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I realize that seems a bit odd to say at this time of year, but with the new AALT Board year just underway it seems very appropriate.
This is a year of building on the changes the previous Board started this past year. It’s also our first year under the new governance structure so please bear with us as we adjust to the dual roles that some of our Board Members now have.
Theresa, Lynda, Amy, Christy and I had our first Board meeting on June 18 and I want to say that it was AWESOME!!!  I left the meeting excited that I get to work with this great team!
I’m happy to announce that Marcia Holmes and Melanie Belliveau are the AALT 2017 Conference Co-Chairs and they’ve hit the floor at a run negotiating a conference venue and date.
The Member-At-Large Board position is still vacant so if you’d be interested in being the Board Liaison with the Conference Committee, please contact me at

Karen Hildebrandt, President AALT 2016-2017