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Monday, 12 September 2016

Faces of AALT #1: AALT President Karen Hildebrandt

Hello AALT, 

Today we are pleased to announce the first post in a new series here on the AALT Technician, Faces of AALT! It is a short interview series that will highlight some of our amazing members. It will be great way to learn about different kinds of library technician work and about your co-members across the province. 

We will begin by featuring our 2016-17 board members, but soon we will be turning it over to regular members. If you would like to be featured please email for more information.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Faces of AALT soon!

Amy Southgate 
AALT Communications Services Director 2016-17

Faces of AALT: Karen Hildebrandt, AALT President

AALT Technician: What is your professional background? 
Karen Hildebrandt: I received my LIT diploma from MacEwan in 1998 and my Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration degree from MacEwan in 2009.

AT: Where do you work and what are your responsibilities?
KH: I'm the Assistant Director,  Library Services at Concordia University of Edmonton. I oversee Circulation Services including supervising permanent and contract staff, set library hours, oversee some budget areas, maintain the room booking calendars, sit on the NEOS Access Services Committee and work on special projects related to improving services and user access.  

AT: What made you want to work in the library and information field? KH: My interest in libraries goes back to Grade 3 when I first started working in my elementary school library during recesses and lunch breaks. 

AT: What is the most awesome part of your job?
KH: Getting to make a difference in someone's life. 

AT: What advice would you give to someone looking to becoming a library technician?
KH: Learn as much as you can, be prepared to experience a lot of change, be flexible and be willing to go outside of your comfort zone. 

AT: What is your favorite book/ book that had a strong impact on you?
KH: Girl of the Limberlost. It was from my childhood but the main character showed resilience and remained caring inspite of her circumstances. 

AT: What book do you hate/ which is most overrated? 
KH: DaVinci Code. Not well written at all. 

AT: What do you like to do outside of work? 
KH: Hang out with my husband and family and keep in touch with my circle of friends. 

AT: What is your favorite place to travel/a memorable trip?  
KH: Favorite place is somewhere warm when we're in the midst of winter. Most memorable trip would be when my husband and I went to Australia,  New Zealand, and the Cook Islands in 2006. 

Thank you, Karen!